Keller Williams Family Reunion-2012

This was my 4th Family Reunion with Keller Williams.  Seems every time I check into my hotel, I am asked the same question, “Why do they call it a Family Reunion?”  From the outside, it must look like just another business conference with this year’s better than 9,000 attendees, however every person who has ever attended knows there is much more than meets the eye.

The education and motivation are commonly described as “drinking from a fire hose” and per usual, the networking and camaraderie is incredible.  With 80,000 Keller Williams agents in the U.S. and Canada, there is a common thread and that is our culture.  Rotary is an organization that comes to mind as comparison, which boasts “Service Over Self”, providing humanitarian services world-wide.  Keller Williams can now say we are officially an international organization with our first overseas franchise located in Vietnam.

With Keller Williams, giving back to our communities is a constant.  With programs such as Red Day and  KW Cares, the Keller Williams family is on alert for opportunities to provide service, 365 days a year.  Our Family Reunion Inspirational Brunch, always on the last day of the event,  highlights many of the past year’s accomplishments in giving back.  As a result, many puffy eyes are witnessed boarding the planes upon conclusion.  Considering the difference Keller Williams has made in our communities in North America since its founding in 1983, one must only imagine the lives that will be impacted as Keller Williams expands world-wide. That will make for one heck of a Red Day!

Oh, did I mention that Keller Williams is teed up to be the number 1 real estate company in the U.S.?  We sell TONS of real estate;-)

Family?  No doubt!


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Son, Hubby, Dad, Guitarist, Singer, songwriter, CRE Broker, Investor, Rotarian, Yogi, Biker, Runner, shooter and growing...

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